E-skills and e-leadership skills 2020 - Trends and forecasts for the European ICT professional and digital leadership labour market

5 May 2015 – This empirica Working Paper has been released in time for the European Commission Digital Single Market Strategy calling for action also for boosting digital and e-leadership skills acquisition and learning to foster the digital transformation of Europe.

It comes at a time where parallel to arising technologies and digital transformation, there is also a wave of transformation in the way of doing business, which at the same time, reshapes the set of e-skills and competences essential in the digital economy. The mismatch between the skills available and those demanded for digital transformation of the economy concerns all Member States and their policy makers. This paper provides insights into the ICT workforce development in Europe, within both core and broad definition of ICT jobs, looking also at changes in ICT graduates over years as a major inflow into this workforce. It analyses trends of e-skills demand and supply in Europe and develops foresight scenarios and forecasting until 2020. Furthermore, the paper shares the latest forecasts on the demand of e-leadership skills, the necessary set of skills for exploiting IT for innovation and business development.

The working paper and further documents can be found here.


A service contract has been awarded in December 2013 by the European Commission to a consortium led by empirica to undertake this work.

The event is supported by the EC in the scope of the service contract to promote e-leadership in Europe (LEAD)